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<!–include the webphone_api.js to your webpage–>
<script src=“webphone_api.js”></script>
// IMPORTANT: Wait until the webphone is loaded, before calling any API functions
webphone_api.onAppStateChange(function (state) {
if (state === ‘loaded’) {//set parameters (alternatively these can be also preset in your html)
webphone_api.setparameter(‘serveraddress’, SERVERADDRESS); // Replace the word in uppercase with your SIP server IP or domain name (add also the :port number if not using the standard UDP 5060)
webphone_api.setparameter(‘username’, USERNAME); // Replace the word in uppercase with a valid SIP extension username
webphone_api.setparameter(‘password’, PASSWORD); // Replace the word in uppercase with the password for the above user
//see the �Parameters� section in the documentation for more options//start the webphone (optional but recommended)
//make a call (usually initiated by user action, such as click on a click to call button);
//send instant message
webphone_api.sendchat(number, message);